Best Books’ exciting new Afrikaans reading series will capture learner’s imagination with excellent children’s books, short stories, poems, rhymes, dramas, jokes, folk tales and much more.
The best South African authors’ work is represented in the series of 30 books.

The ‘Kroonsteen’ series is a graded reading series for the Intermediary Phase (grade 4-6). Each book is linked to certain reading skills and special attention is given to vocabulary, sentence construction, and context. The books also include questions, fun activities and word explanations.

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Best Books’s extensive publicising campaign for the Kroonsteen series is well underway. Numerous teachers and subject advisers have attended session in the Western Cape, Gauteng and the Free State. Many of them have also started acquiring the books for their schools. Here is some of the feedback received after the sessions:

  • It is a good series and complies with the curriculum requirements. – Gamka-Oos Primary


  • Informative – learners will find the books interesting seeing that they cover a wide range of topics. – PJ Badenhorst Primary


  • Excellent! – Grootkraal UCC Primary


  • I like the layout page, colour and print of the Kroonsteen series. – Van Reede Primary


    • The books look wonderful. The illustrations and colours will appeal to the children. The activities look very good. – Tamboerskloof Primary

    • The books inspire and motivate us to teach the language. We know the children will love the illustrations and text. It puts the adventure FUN back into childhood. – Tamboerskloof Primary

    • Very interesting – We love the light sensitized pages. Beautiful pictures and colour. – Claremont Primary

Further sessions will be held in the coming months. Visit Best Books’ website for dates, times and venues.

Die kaart van lank gelede

Alet Swart and her parents move to the coastal town Kroongolf. She finds a secret map in their new house. But where will this map take her? And can she trust Vernon to help her?


Publisher: Best Books

ISBN 9781770022720

Die geheim van die kroonsteen

Alet and Vernon dream about the money that may be hidden in the secret treasure chest. But a huge surprise awaits them when they open the chest . . .
Who is spying on the children? Who is the Brave Three?
What exactly is the crown stone and what secret lies hidden within it?


Publisher: Best Books


ISBN 9781770021860

Die kroon van die aarde

The new Brave Three – Alet, Vernon and Nathi – must find out what caused the sudden earthquake that shook the town of Kroongolf. But it is not easy at all. One of the three has to start a friendship with the nasty Gideon en Mandla.
Danger, treason and tension filled moments eventually await the Brave Three.
Will Gideon and Mandla lead the Brave Three to the Crown of the Earth?
Will the Brave Three conquer Walg and find the Crown of the Earth?

Publisher: Best Books


ISBN 9781770021877


Die kroon van die hemel

The Brave Three – Alet, Vernon and Nathi – comes across a secretive airship near the cliffs of Kroonheuwel. When they investigate, the doors of the airship closes and it starts to move off by itself. But where is it taking them?
The cruel Walg still wants to wipe out Kroongolf. Enormous storms erupt over the coastal town.
Will the Brave Three be able to stop Walg before it is too late? And will they find the Crown of the Sky?



Publisher: Best Books


ISBN 9781770021884


Die kroon van die water

The Brave Three’s scuba diving lessons are going very well. But then, one evening, they notice something very strange while putting away the diving gear ... The water of the swimming pool moves aside and an opening appears at the bottom of the pool. Two divers arise from the tunnel below the swimming pool.
The Brave Three have to investigate. But where will this tunnel lead them?

Will they be able to withstand Walg’s next onslaught? And will they be able to find the Crown of the Water?


Publisher: Best Books


ISBN 9781770021891

Die kroon van die mense


The Brave Three – Alet, Vernon and Nathi – are baffled by the strange happenings in Kroongolf. Miss Floors’ finger changes to a drill bit. Vernon’s neighbour finds a new way of mowing the lawn. And Anila disappears.
The cruel Walg’s final onslaught against Kroongolf has begun! He now intends using the Crown of the People to wipe Kroongolf off the face of the earth.
No wait, Walg’s plans have changed. And this time they will definitely work . . .
Will the Brave Three survive the danger that follows? Will the find the Crown of the People? And will they defeat Walg once and for all?


Publisher: Best Books


ISBN 9781770021907


Stories vir lekker lees


All children like stories – especially if they are filled with tension and humour. These 6 books completely conform to the requirements. The genres include adventure, science fiction, animal stories, historical and biographical texts, folk tales, myths, fairytales and legends.

A short drama or radio play is even included in the higher levels. All stories have appropriate illustrations and questions.

The Teacher’s Guide includes a CD with well-known voice artists like Lucas Maree, Magda van Biljon, Lochner de Kock, Zack du Plessis and others reading some of the stories.


‘Stories vir lekker lees’ Level 1 - ISBN 9781770021914

‘Stories vir lekker lees’ Level 2 - ISBN 9781770021921

‘Stories vir lekker lees’ Level 3 - ISBN 9781770021938

‘Stories vir lekker lees’ Level 4 - ISBN 9781770021945

‘Stories vir lekker lees’ Level 5 - ISBN 9781770021952

‘Stories vir lekker lees’ Level 6 - ISBN 9781770021969


Verse vir lekker lees


The graded series of poems and rhymes fill a huge gap in the classroom. For the very first time Best Books publishes 6 poetry collections to address this need. Learners will be introduced to Philip de Vos’ jovial verses, or delve into poems like Ingrid Jonker’s “Kabouterliefde”, I.D. du Plessis’s “Kaapse Kossies”, A.B. Bruintjies’ “Tjoe-tjoe” and “Die mot en die kers” by C.J. Langenhoven.

There are even a few scary poems like A.G. Visser’s “Die ruiter van Skimmelperd-pan” and Antjie Krog’s “Spoke”.

Word explanations follow every poem. Where needed the context of the poem is given. The elements of poetry are also explained in very simple fashion, thereby unlocking the wonderful world of words to learners.

The Teacher’s Guide includes a CD with well-known voice artists like Lucas Maree, Magda van Biljon, Lochner de Kock, Zack du Plessis and others reading some of the poems.


‘Verse vir lekker lees’ Level 1 - ISBN 9781770021976
‘Verse vir lekker lees’ Level 2 - ISBN 9781770021983
‘Verse vir lekker lees’ Level 3 - ISBN 9781770021990
‘Verse vir lekker lees’ Level 4 - ISBN 9781770022003
‘Verse vir lekker lees’ Level 5 - ISBN 9781770022010
‘Verse vir lekker lees’ Level 6 - ISBN 9781770022027



Liplekker leesdinge


Best Books again delivers groundbreaking work with these 6 books filled with communicative and functional texts like short reports, emails, SMSs, notices, messages, pamphlets, postcards, letters and telephone conversations.

These lip smacking books also include transactional texts like news reports, articles, dialogues, conversations, interviews and reviews.

‘Liplekker leesdinge’ Level 1 - ISBN 9781770022034
‘Liplekker leesdinge’ Level 2 - ISBN 9781770022041
‘Liplekker leesdinge’ Level 3 - ISBN 9781770022058
‘Liplekker leesdinge’ Level 4 - ISBN 9781770022065
‘Liplekker leesdinge’ Level 5 - ISBN 9781770022072
‘Liplekker leesdinge’ Level 6 - ISBN 9781770022089


Lekker lees en leer


Another innovative set of 6 books will get learners reading and learning. These books concentrate on visual and graphical texts like cartoons, comics, illustrations, simple diagrams, tables, maps, simple charts (like scale and bar charts), timetables, narratives, explanations, time lines and word games.


‘Lekker lees en leer’ Level 1 - ISBN 9781770022096
‘Lekker lees en leer’ Level 2 - ISBN 9781770022102
‘Lekker lees en leer’ Level 3 - ISBN 9781770022119
‘Lekker lees en leer’ Level 4 - ISBN 9781770022126
‘Lekker lees en leer’ Level 5 - ISBN 9781770022133
‘Lekker lees en leer’ Level 6 - ISBN 9781770022140




Teacher's Guide


The ‘Kroonsteen’ reading series comes with a comprehensive teacher’s guide. All answers to the reading and learning exercises of all 30 Kroonsteen books are included in the guide. Additional background information on the different genres also form part of the guide, for example: What are the characteristics of legends? The handy information contained in the teacher’s guide will lessen teacher’s work and improve standardisation of literacy education in schools.


The teacher’s guide also includes 2 CD’s with well-known voice artists like Lucas Maree, Magda van Biljon, Lochner de Kock, Zack du Plessis and others reading selected short stories and poems.

ISBN 9781770022744


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All these books are approved for prescribed book lists for schools.